Zombie Dragon - OOAK ELEMENTAL DRAGONS free shipping

Zombie Dragon - OOAK ELEMENTAL DRAGONS free shipping


Zombie Dragon is exactly that....eating some poor souls foot and a few broken body parts....grossly cute in my opinion!


ALL MY DRAGONS ARE ONE OF A KIND....so once gone they are gone!
**Due to my dragons being listed in multiple areas, if you make a purchase and it turns out it was also purchased somewhere else, I will make a custom dragon of your liking.**

This little one is 3 3/4" long from tail tip to hand tip (with wings, more like 4") and about 2" tall (to top of wings). Made of a gross blend of pale green, beige and translucent polymer clay. Scales and ears are the same as the body with a touch more of brown colors. Wings are made of artist plastic and wire and are a greenish iridescent hue artist film with black and brown color airbrushed on the tips (slightly pose-able). The big eyes are filmed over blue eyes.

With a bit of brown and red paint and stain added, a perfect blend between the living and the dead. And a bit of a mold like color for some bling. The chewed off foot is also hand made in more of a flesh color clay and painted.

Any Elemental Dragon made by my hand will have a Elemental Dragons stamp on it's foot (this is new so only dragons created after 1-1-2013). I only say this for I do sell my tutorial on how to make them, so to assure you that it is one from the "original" Elemental Dragon creator......me!

I love custom orders or any suggestions on my next dragon......so feel free to contact me :)

I will ship outside the USA just ask me for the shipping (for the prices are changing all the time).

THANKS for looking!

Shipping from United States

If you want shipping insurance that is your call. I try to package very well, but accidents do happen.


I will try to make the buyer happy if possible. If an accident happens that is due to poor construction of the dragon on my part, a new dragon will be made. Mailing insurance is up to you, so I will not cover accidents due to the post office. I value my customers and will do everything I can to make this a great purchase :)
Due to the nature of my Dragons, I will not give a refund or exchange.


Because I have my Elemental Dragons listed on other sites for sell, it is a first come first serve, with the purchase. If one dragon does get sold on both sites. I will offer to make a custom dragon to the second buyer. THANKS!

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